Berriwillock Community Development Group 


The Berriwillock Community Development Group (BCDG) is the community group for Berriwillock and district with representatives from all local sporting, church and community groups. Our activities include fundraising for streetscape and other town improvements and organising community events (e.g. Dances, Town Christmas Party, and Australia Day Breakfast).


BCDG is an entirely voluntary organisation that raises funds mainly through catering for local functions (parties, funerals, meetings etc.), some government funding and donations.


BCDG is an incorporated body with its statement of purpose being;

1.    The advancement and best interests of the community of Berriwillock

2.   To maintain and improve the welfare and social wellbeing of the community of Berriwillock

3.     To raise or borrow any monies required by the association upon terms/conditions and/or securities as may be determined

4.    To maintain and conduct an association of non-political character

5.     To maintain and develop the infrastructure and facilities of the town for the use and betterment of the community of Berriwillock.

Current BCDG Board Members

                                        President:                                    Allison Watson

                                        Vice President:                            Max Nunn

                                        Secretary/Treasurer:                    Paul Rohleder

                                        Vice Secretary/Treasurer:            Tammie McArdle

                                        Community Members:                Wes Wight and Nathan Wight