Every year just before Christmas Day, Berriwillock celebrates the festive season by hosting a town Christmas party. Organised by the BCDG, with the assistance of the community.

The afternoon starts with games in the local pool for kids, seems its generally a warm day, the local kids have a great time playing games and cooling off. Then the BBQ's are lit, the locals bring their favorite salads and side dishes and the community of Berriwillock enjoy a wonderful BBQ tea together. 

Not long after that, the sound of conversation and children's games is taken over by the local CFA fire truck siren and the kids know exactly what that means. Santa has arrived in Berriwillock and is hitching a ride to the BBQ in the local CFA fire truck.  Excitement and anticipation fills the air as the fire truck arrives and Santa steps off the truck with a large red sack in tow. Santa takes a seat and the children gather around, patiently waiting for their name to be called. A quick photo, present and bag of lollies later, the kids are content and return to the playground. 

The night concludes with fruit and ice-cream and well wishes for the coming holidays and New Year. It's a wonderful afternoon centered around the children, though still very enjoyable for the adults.